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Each spring for more than two decades, schools from throughout the US present their bands, jazz ensembles, choirs, choruses and orchestras on Lincoln Center’s outdoor plazas as part of Lincoln Center’s Young Music Makers series. Performances by the school groups are free to the public and usually occur around lunchtime, when the plazas are crowded with visitors and Lincoln Center neighbors. Lincoln Center provides the venue, chairs, and electricity if needed. Schools bring their own instruments, music stands, and amplifiers. Schools from outside the NY-NJ-CT tri-state region are eligible for this program if they schedule a tour of the Lincoln Center campus. The tour component is optional for schools within the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area. We are eager to expand this opportunity to the many developing musicians of New York City and hope to hear from more NYC music educators soon!


Who do I contact to reserve my date and time for the performance? Registration for the 2020 season is closed. Please check back in September to register for spring 2021. For questions or inquiries about registration, please email

What types of groups can perform in this program? Middle- and high-school-aged vocal, orchestral and band ensembles from public and private schools are eligible to register.

Are there auditions for Young Music Makers? No, the program is not adjudicated and is open to all eligible ensembles, subject to the availability of dates.

What is the cost of participating in Young Music Makers? There is no charge for participation. Schools from outside the NY-NJ-CT tri-state region are eligible for the program if they schedule a tour of the Lincoln Center campus. The tour component is optional for schools within the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area. If your group requests and is approved for electricity, a fee of $45 to cover the cost of a sound permit will apply.

Can we bring equipment requiring electricity? Lincoln Center can provide access to electricity for groups who request it in advance and whose requests are approved by Lincoln Center. In order for your request for electricity to be approved, please submit a list of all equipment requiring power. Please note your request for electricity will not be considered approved until you receive written confirmation from Lincoln Center. If your request for electricity is approved, you are required to mail Lincoln Center a check or money order for $45 to cover the cost of a New York City sound permit, made payable to Police Department, City of New York, three weeks before your scheduled performance date. Without a pre-approved equipment list and $45 check, Lincoln Center will not be able to provide electricity to your group. For questions regarding what types of equipment are permitted, please contact

Who do I contact to schedule a tour of Lincoln Center for our students? To schedule a group tour, call 212.875.5350 or email

Where are these performances located? Depending on the time chosen and size of the group, the performance will be on one of the outdoor plazas on the Lincoln Center Campus, such as the Josie Robertson Plaza or Hearst Plaza.

Is there a size restriction for the groups? No, there is no size restriction for the groups. We have had ensembles as small as 10 students and as large as 150 students. The size of the ensemble may impact which plaza locations are available. If you are concerned about the size of your group, please make a note in your registration form.

When does Young Music Makers occur? Performances occur on weekdays between the hours of 10am and 4pm, beginning in late March and concluding in early June. The specific dates differ each year.

How many schools may a tour company book for performances in Young Music Makers? There are a limited number of available dates and times for Young Music Makers; because of this we must limit tour companies to three schools each season.

What does Lincoln Center provide for the performance? Lincoln Center provides the venue and chairs. Transportation, stands, musical instruments, sound equipment, chaperones, and refreshments/meals must all be provided by the school.

Is there an area to store instruments or equipment before or after performances? No, Lincoln Center does not provide a storage area

Where is the closest parking? There are places to load and unload on 62nd Street and 65th Street. We do not have reserved parking for buses. There is a parking garage on the Lincoln Center Campus for cars. Rates and information can be found on the here.

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